Anna Skumbina

From what age engaged in cycling? How did your enthusiasm for cycling begin?

Bikes have existed in my life almost since my birth. I got into cross-country in 2005, in the same year I got my first downhill bike.


Idol in cycling?

Cameron Zink, Greg Minnaar


What races would you like to take part in?        

World Championship.


What places would you like to visit and what tracks to go?

Canada, Whistler, New Zealand.


What helps you to achieve good results?

Proper motivation and peace of mind.


What was the first competition in your career?

Russian Championship 2008 in Pyatigorsk.


What bike would you like to get?

The color is not important; the main thing is suitable color range. Still white bikes go faster :)))

I would like to test the carbon full suspension bike.


What are your goals in the nearest future?

To take part in the World Championship.


Any hobbies apart from cycling?

Snowboard, music, painting, cross-country skiing.