Kalashnikov Grigoriy
From what age engaged in cycling? How did your enthusiasm for cycling begin?
Since 8 years old, When I was a child bike was one of my favorite hobby. I took 3rd place in my first competition and wanted to get a gold medal. I began to train more intensively and became involved in cycling.

What races would you like to take part in?
I would like to take part in the European Cyclocross Championship.

What places would you like to visit and what tracks to go?
Visit the track in Nove Mesto na Morave.

What helps you to achieve good results?
I achieve good results thanks to proper nutrition and a clear workout.

What was the first competition in your career?
Championship of Izhevsk.

What are your goals in the nearest future?
I want to win the Russian Championship.

Any hobbies apart from cycling?
I like walking.