Alexei Belokrylov

From what age engaged in cycling? How did your enthusiasm for cycling begin?

Since 1993, since 9 year old age. My father is a cycling coach, so it was ordained.


What races would you like to take part in?

It does not matter; the important thing is the fact of the race.


What places would you like to visit and what tracks to go?

Australia, Crocodile Trophy.


What helps you to achieve good results?

Hard training.


What was the first competition in your career?

The first open MTB championship of Russia in 1993, Moscow, Krylatskoye.


What bike would you like to get?

I have an excellent bike now.


What are your goals in the nearest future?

Good demonstration in the season 2015.


Any hobbies apart from cycling?

Cars, football, table tennis.