Evgeniy Pechenin

From what age engaged in cycling? How did your enthusiasm for cycling begin?

Since 9 years old. From an early age I was drawn to the wheels and everything what had wheels even a scooter! I liked driving a car or a motorcycle. We often rode bicycles with the children after school, I liked to drop all the rest behind and come faster than anyone! I joined different sport clubs looking for suitable. My father influenced my choice because previously he had gone in for cycling as well. I started with the BMX bike.


What races would you like to take part in?        

Marathon cycling race of Alpen Tour and Tour de France.

I took part in them, but I want more.


What places would you like to visit and what tracks to go?

Alpe d'Huez.


What helps you to achieve good results?

Training and self-confidence.


What was the first competition in your career?

Perm, competition in the stadium "Kama".

The first demonstration when I took part in Russian competition in Saransk (BMX).


What bike would you like to get?

I am satisfied with my bike (Format team).


What are your goals in the nearest future?

To get good results in international races, to get to the European Championship, to win the national championship.


Any hobbies apart from cycling?

Cross-country skiing, outdoor activities with family, with friends.