Stanislav Antonov

From what age engaged in cycling? How did your enthusiasm for cycling begin?

Since 13 years old. I went in for many kinds of sports, then joined the cycling club and at the first training session I fell and injured my elbow, but inspite of it next day I was on-stream again, I liked the sport because of its extremes and complexity.


What races would you like to take part in?

The Olympic Games.


What places would you like to visit and what tracks to go?

Italy and Czech Republic (Nove Mesto Na Morave).


What helps you to achieve good results?

Patience and hard work.


What was the first competition in your career?

Sports complex Chekeril, the Russian Bear Race.


What bike would you like to get?

I would like to see bright colors on my bike in conjunction with the XTR group set.


What are your goals in the nearest future?

To get to the World Cup.


Any hobbies apart from cycling?

Snowboarding, ice hockey.