Format 2312. Farewell to steady pulse.

1 November 2016

Stylish design, striking superiority on asphalt and agility on soil and mud: new Format 2312 is an impressive example of a true cyclocross bicycle. 

 Format 2312

Geometry and technologies.

New Format 2312 literally fills you with energy. The geometry is developed especially for "soil" speeds and for carrying the bicycle on a shoulder. For the most effective pedalling we created a rather tough aluminum frame, with a triple batting of the main pipes, but at the same time we left it flexible to damp tiresome vibrations from the road.

Thanks to a sports and dynamic design of the frame with extended lower feathers and Tapered headtube (a conic steering glass) you will feel free in any weather on any road or roadless surfaces. Especially for this bicycle we have developed unique dropouts and made them through CNC milling. Fixture of wheels by Sram Maxle Stealth axes with a diameter of 15 mm in front and 12 mm behind gives more confidence, durability and reliability for your adventures.

The frame triangle and bike proportions are developed taking specific cycle race loadings into account and show its self-confidence and charisma. Round pipes broadcast smooth dynamics, even when the bicycle is standing. We are also proud of the low weight of the bicycle: the model weighs only 9,5 kilograms that allows to train with maximum efficiency.


Authoritative and powerful black colour of new Format 2312 will accentuate your sense of style. Black is always a sensation, we consider. So we realized this thought in the bicycle from the wheels to the saddle. 

Format 2312

A real athlete deserves something special. For this reason we decorated it with glossy inserts with the model name, giving it  more elegance. Stylish details, for example, Format emblem on the saddle and a lustreless frame are for your respectable look.

Format 2312

Technical features.

Don't doubt, there is a true cyclocross device in front of you. It has racing geometry and conic steering for excellent control. It’s not important if you are an amateur or a professional, Format 2312 will allow you to achieve your potential and progress continuously gaining success with carefully picked up Sram equipment. 

Format 2312

11-speed Sram Apex 1 transmission will help you experience unforgettable moments on the road and fulfill your sports dreams. Sram Apex 1 is an ideal combination of capacity and accuracy. New coins with an ergonomic casing and  DoubleTap technology providing one lever transfer switching represent modern technologies for getting more convenience and comfort.

Format 2312

The weight is lower thanks to a carbonic fork and that is one of the advances of the bicycle. For even more effective riding we picked up reliable tubeless tires by Schwalbe G-One – for excellent coupling with the road, controllability and resistance to punctures. Tough Weinmann Impulse rims installed on this bicycle allow easy switching to tubeless usage of the wheels.

For your comfort it has a special saddle with the firm basis providing an optimum ratio of rigidity, weight and the verified aerodynamics.

Due to its Sram Apex hydraulic brakes fixture on Flat Mount technology and, compact placement of a caliper, the bicycle has neat and ascetic appearance.

Format 2312


Perfectly picked up Format 2312 components in a combination to sports geometry work in unison to your heart beat at any road: whether it is a walk on block pavement, smooth asphalt, or a  Spartan ride in the forest. It is designed to encourage and inspire you: uncompromising groupset Sram Apex 1 will make your rise easier, your turn more precise, and your descent quicker. The dynamic and stylish design is catching the views and guarantee that nobody will remain indifferent.

The Format 2312 bicycle has a wide size range of frames for cyclists of various height, therefore an adventurous rider will be able to choose his Format 2312 easily.

New Format 2312. Farewell to steady pulse.