Format 5221. In finding of new spaces

9 November 2018

Want to ride just about anywhere? Format 5221 is the type of bike that you need!


The idea of the bigger tires and comfy geometry that promotes extra comfort when the going gets rough and bumpy is very attractive given the generally poor roads. Let's be honest, doesn't matter in what country you ride in many places they're almost gravel anyway.


They can be ridden anywhere, these bikes, on the road and off it. The idea of gravel bike is also for people, with the ability to over along a road to mix up a regular road ride attractive to cyclists deep to get away from the overpeopled streets into the wide-open countryside.


Mechanical brakes definitely give you more confidence when riding on gravel and grounding. We increased the gap between frame and wheel and its significance. The frame is made of U6 aluminum, which makes it strong, and triple-batting technology also makes it easy. The internal wiring protects the cables and shirts from dirt. Drive at a comfortable pace with Shimano transmission.


     470      510       550  
A             470    510  550
B    524   532  543
C    120    130  150
D    410    410  410
E     45     45     45
F   430    430  430
G    60    60  60
H    1010    1015  1025
I    31,6    31,6  31,6
J    70,8    71  71,2
K    74    73,8  73,8
    546    555  576
R     367    371

When you ride on a road or on gravel your bike is stable. You can ride on a highway, and then move out along the tree-lined gravel road after a moment. And this is really cool.


FORMAT 5221 opens up new horizons which have become even easier to reach.


Our Gravel bike is perfect for long bike tours, so we installed 700c wheels and use Mitas Gripper Classic. These wheels will provide you with excellent grip and a good coasting on both asphalt and gravel.



27,5er wheels are exactly for you if you are not embarrassed by dirt, and you don’t mind moving off the gravel road. Such a wheel in combination with a CST Jack Rabbit tire guarantees you a comfortable ride on a difficult stretch of road that hides pits, potholes, and potholes and will perfectly manifest itself in mud and on wet surfaces.




What bike do you choose?

FORMAT 5221 700c (2019)

FORMAT 5221 27,5 (2019)