FORMAT 55XX. Back to the 60's style.

14 November 2018

Ride along the seaside or the main streets of your city. You appreciate the comfort and feel the style? This bike for you!



You won't be ignored with Cruiser bike FORMAT. Familiar with motorcycle style, it has a light aluminum frame. When we plan this bike we have known that it destiny will rush in the city.

Frame geometry


 5522   5512 
A  432  432
B  660  660
C 150   150
D  417  417
E  50  50
F  468  468
G  65  65
H  1127  1127
I  27,2  27,2
J  68  68
K  66  66
S  572  572
R  405  405

CST Metropolitan Palm Bay tires make small irregularities insignificant, really comfortable saddle Format Cruiser makes invisible the bustle of the city.



Three-speed Shimano Nexus gives you the opportunity to ride as fast as you want.


All you need is plug in your headphones, turn on your favorite music and enjoy the evening with the company of FORMAT 5522 or FORMAT 5512.