Prove yourself with Format 1121

11 February 2019

Format 1121 is a real racing machine in the world of cycling, it is possible to achieve victories and use a bike for daily training thanks for reliability and performance.


The aggressive design and geometry of the frame demonstrate the charisma of the bike. The latter is ready to uphills, sections with stones, difficult downhills and technical trails.


The frame made from aluminum alloy U6, pipes made with triple butted technology, it means that weight in optimal (1690 grams).
The pipe profiles have a multifaceted cross section that adds rigidity to the structure, thanks to it all the force you apply is transferred to the rotation of the wheel directly. Less dirt flies on the brake because the caliper is hidden under the top feather.

     M   L  XL
A   430   480 530
B 615 635 655
C 100 110 120
D 506 506 506
E 51 51 51
F 430 430 430
G 63 63 63
H 1114 1136 1157
I 31,6 31,6 31,6
J 69,5 69,5 69,5
K 74 73,8 73,8
546 555 576
R 367 371



The new bike lost more than 600 grams and its total weight is 11 kg 53 grams (in size M). We completed our bike with Rock Shox Reba RL with 15mm axis. Like in last season bike equipped remote OneLoc. Now shifting occurs with the help of trigger shifter Sram GX and rear derailleur Sram RD-GX, you can choose the best gear in the 11-speed range.


Wheels on industrial bearings as always. We changed the standard of the rear hub, now we use a 12 x 142 mm standard. Mitas Scylla TEXTRA in size 29x2.25 are on the bike. Moreover, the wheels are ready for tubeless use.


As a result, today we have an uncompromising sport bike, prepared for hard conditions and loads, with low weight and high torsional rigidity. This bike is for you, if you want to prove yourself.


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