Format 534x. City rocket

4 March 2019

For long time people speak in a whisper about this urban legend; many watched this ghost rider flying through traffic jams, all taxi drivers and bus drivers are afraid of his appearance. Our hero is a real danger for public transport.


Surely you have noticed that your colleague always appears on time at his workplace, despite the 10-point traffic jams, he is always in a great mood, he is always fresh and fit. All it thanks to the city rocket Format.

 Size  490 540      580
A   490     540 580
B 576 590 605
C 115 130 130
D 421 421 421
E 44 44 44
F 442 442 442
G 50 50 50
H 1070 1085 1100
I 31,6 31,6 31,6
J 71 71 71
K 73,5 73,5 73,5  
540 555 554
R 416 426

534x special development for urban maneuvering, you can change direction quickly thanks to the geometry of the bike. A low rolling resistance allows you to effectively drive through miles. Rider isn't getting tired and enjoys the trip due to the comfortable fit.


Our rockets are equipped with mechanic disc brakes for effective braking in traffic jams. The frame with the fork and components are made of aluminum alloy, because it makes bike easy, and it's important in urban areas, when sometimes you need to bear bike on yourself.


You can install the trunk and unload your shoulders if your transport small loads in trips. You can install the full-size wings and forget about the bad weather if it regularly rainy in your area.You can be sure that Kenda tires with moderate tread are responsible for grip when you want to cut the way on a dirt road or through forest trails.


If you like clean look and you want to reduce the overall care of the bike to a minimum, Format 5341 on the planetary hub is worth your attention. If sports characteristics of a bicycle are important to you, Format 5342 is created especially for you. In any way, these bikes are adapted for city streets and feel great there.