Format 5222. Created for travel

28 May 2019

Do you want to taste Moroccan oranges, and for one to arrange the most ambitious trip in your life?

5361 km is the distance from Moscow to Morocco, and while you are reading this review, someone has become a kilometer closer to oranges. During your trip, our touringbike will transport you through potato fields in Belarus, apple orchards in Poland, legendary breweries in Germany, in France, you can ride with best cyclists of the world, and in Spain you will have to keep up the speed, otherwise fighting bull will catch you. At the end of this frenzied trip, a reward awaits you - a bloody orange straight from the plantation!

Pretty busy road, isn't it? And this is just the tip of the iceberg! Thousands of people around the world travel by bicycle, meet sunrises and sunsets in the company of their bikes. And the most affordable way, for example, to go for oranges in Morocco is Format 5222. What is so special about our touring and why should you go to Morocco on it?

This year we have released a truly worthy receiver to the legendary 2016 touring bike, which successfully travels across the expanses of Brazil, Mexico, India, a bike that has probably been everywhere. We have updated the new model, according to the wishes of tourists from all over the world.

The frame has become longer. The length of the chainstay was 445 mm versus 430 mm, and the base increased from 1045 mm to 1064 mm. The head-Tube angle was 69 ° against the old 70 °, which gives more comfort and stability, it will be useful during the overtaking of Geraint Thomas, the last winner of the Tour de France. The headset has become 20 mm higher, which makes the landing more comfortable and gives more place for bagging, which means you can take even more oranges back to Moscow. 


The frame and fork is made of chrome-molybdenum, which means the bike remains light and durable, in addition, chrome-molybdenum dampens vibrations, which in turn has a positive effect on long runs. We removed the wiring from the top tube so that it does not interfere with the bags. The wiring was completely hidden in solid shirts to increase the life of the cables. We added fasteners for bottles to the frame, added fasteners for bottles and a boot to the fork (now there are 6 plugs on the fork, instead of 2 on the 2016 model). Therefore, in Germany it will be possible to stock up on beer in full.

Size 540
A Seat-Tube Length 540
B Horizontal Top-Tube Length 554
C Head-Tube Length 150
D Fork Length 403
E Оффсет вилки 45
F Chain-Stay Length 445
G B-B Drop 70
H Wheelbase 1065
I Seatpost 27,2
J Head-Tube Angle 69
K Seat-Tube Angle 73,5
S Stack 570
R Reach 385

Now the wheels on industrial bearings, which means that they are better protected from moisture and sand, now the wheels are easier to maintain, the bearings can be quickly replaced right on the road. In the new model, we made a big mud gap, now you can install tires up to 2.1 ’wide. Double-walled aluminum rims Format have high durability, and CST Traveler stock tires have excellent reel.
First of all, Format 5222 implies asphalt tourism, with the ability to go to gravel. High speed of movement and the big loading of the bicycle demands high return from brakes. Therefore, on our Touring installed Tektro mechanical disc brakes.


The Shimano Claris classic transmission is responsible for switching, the number of available speeds is 16, the combination of gears in the system is 50-34, and in the cassette 11-32.
You can travel even if the road resembles the sea more, because the Format 5222 is equipped with full-sized wings that will protect you and your belongings from splashes and dirt, in case you want to drop into Venice on your way back.

Our bike comes with a reliable welded trunk, which is easily mastered a whole box of bloody oranges!
And if you have not yet broken off into an adventure without restrictions, then it's time to go to the plantation together with Format 5222.