Classic MTB. Format 12xx

15 July 2019

Format 12xx on the spot and there are many trails, challenge accepted!



Classic MTB which is created to get real pleasure from conquering new peaks. He is able to prove himself regardless of the slope, it does not matter to him to go down or climb the mountain, just set a goal and ride him!



Each decision taken during the creation of Format 12xx is based on the postulate of the classic MTB, which gives the bike a rich pedigree and fighting character. Bike combines time-tested solutions and advanced technologies, making the movement towards the goal confident and comfortable.


Format 12xx is “Gran Turismo” in the world of bicycles. Unique geometry combines the best manifestations of racing 11xx and comfortable 14xx. First-class cushioning solutions are applied on Format 12xx. Technological attachments groupsets and durable knurled wheels create all the conditions for enjoying every minute of the trip.



Ease of operation and confidence in quality. External wiring allows you to optimize bike maintenance time. The wheels on eccentrics are a time-tested solution that makes it easier to transport a bicycle. Eccentric Seatpost for quick fit to fit any conditions, securely fixing the seatpost. In any interaction with Format 12xx, speed and comfort can be traced.


Format 12xx - confidence in every movement. All you need is to catch your rhythm. Pick the best gear. Spin the pedals, just don't stop.Format 12xx is a special occasion every day.