25 November 2019

The run bike – learning about the world crash course.


At the age of 2-4 years, run bike helps in the child's physical and emotional development. Any walk is accompanied by discoveries and impressions. Riding a run bike opens up new possibilities and teaches the child to evaluate the environment. Moreover, these are the first steps in self-organization and goal setting. I want to disperse a flock of pigeons, I'm going to it. An urgent need to catch up with the squirrel in the park and say hello to her, no problem!


The run bike control is intuitive, the adapting process to a movement new way will take one trip for ice cream, just enough for the child to learn how to keep balance on a light format run bike 12' (bike weight 3.68 kg). Our run bike basic advantage lies in industrial bearing bushings. These bearings type has increased strength and wear resistance, bushings are better protected from moisture and dirt, which means they do not require special attention and frequent maintenance.

All jokes aside, running a run bike is safer than walking. The child always has reliable support, and in an unforeseen situation event, you can always put out the leg and prevent a fall. The action ahead, the run bike prepares for cycling. Guys who have switched from a run bike to a bicycle get used to the pedals many times faster.


Our run bike uses children's geometry. The frame is designed taking into account the child's anthropometric characteristics. During the development, an adult Bicycle's geometry was taken, and all parameters were recalculated for the child's body structure features. With this geometry, the bike is suitable for training in run bikes' schools. The combo saddle adds comfort, and the steering precision is achieved due to the correct stem (as on adult bicycles) and the handle with an elevation. Young cyclists can place their feet on the lightweight milled footpegs and enjoy the ride. The low weight means that you will have no problems moving the bike from the apartment to the street and back. You don’t need to help your child to start, drag and lower the bike from curbs. Our run bike is a great option for walking and exploring the world, as well as for the first sporting achievements.


For more information about technical characteristics and geometry features, see the Bicycle page.