19 February 2020

The bike is designed for downhill slopes. The bicycle native element is a steep incline where every hundredth of a second count. Large spans, sharp drops and gaps are created for Format 4112. The bike is ideal for Russian conditions and Russian riders. It is currently the only downhill bike developed in Russia.

Frame and design features

The frame design is the Format design bureau experience over 6 years. The frame is constructed from unique 6061 aluminium tubes with double-butted technology. The suspension system is single-link. Such a system main advantage is simplicity, low weight and low swing effect.

The suspension peculiarity is that regression is observed at the stroke beginning, this is necessary for better sticking to the ground, after the stroke 15-20% there is a progression. The rear triangle is rated for 26 and 27.5 inches wheels. To change the wheel standard it is necessary to deploy the flip chips located in the dropouts and on the head stays in the bridge area.

In the new model, the upper and lower yoke has been completely redesigned. Suspension elements are lighter and more rigid. The frame has received a modern new completely redesigned link. The rear suspension kinematics have been completely revised.


The bike geometry has also changed.
The parameters ETT, STACK, REACH have become larger, the bike base has increased, the bike has become more stable on the track straight sections. Compared to the 2015 model, the feathers' parameters have changed. The feathers' length can be set depending on the terrain, trails, and riding style.

A      425
B 613.6
C 120
D 603.7
E 42
F 427.5/440
G 12.3
H 1230
I 31.6
J 64
K 62
S 619
R 439

Fork and shock

The bike is equipped with a Rock Shox Boxxer Team plug. The plug working stroke is 200 mm. The plug is equipped with compression control and rebound speed control. The 2020 model comes with Rock Shox Vivid R2C spring-loaded rear shock. The shock absorber is equipped with two rebound adjustments at the beginning and end of the stroke and compression adjustment. Spring Rockshox 350x3.0.


The bike is equipped with a Sram GX DH racing rear derailleur, a Sram CS DH cassette with a sprocket range from 10 to 24 teeth. Crankset DESCENDANT DH, with 36 teeth optimum sprocket. Chain damper - Sram X0.


The bike is equipped with the flagship Novatec Demon 27.5 wheels. The wheels are assembled on double-butted spokes. Industrial bearing bushings. Schwalbe MAGIC MARY DH reinforced rims and tires are tubeless-ready.

Over the development years, testing and operation in battle, all childhood diseases have been eliminated. As a result, the market received a real combat inventory. It should be noted that the bike is equipped with time-tested components, which has a positive effect on the bike cost and makes it available on the Russian market.