1 April 2020

Dear Clients and Partners,


With the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and the introduction of self-isolation, we have made major changes to our daily work.

All members of our teamwork from home whenever possible. The personnel responsible for keeping the company alive, such as warehouse workers, logistics department, technical control department, bicycle assembly department, work as usual. When working with bicycles, our employees comply with all hygiene standards. The company is taking both antiseptic and organizational measures to prevent the coronavirus infection spread. Based on the order dated March 24, 2020, 27 dispensers were organized for treating hands with skin antiseptics. All working personnel are provided with personal protective equipment. Our goal is to do everything possible to keep the supply chain constant, which is why our bikes are available from all authorized dealers with whom we work.

You can place an order for a Format bike online, all you need to do is fill out the form on the bike page. Many dealers will arrange for the bike to be delivered to your home.

If possible, place your order online instead of visiting retail outlets during self-isolation.

Based on the fact that we are engaged in the cycling promotion and the bicycle popularization as an active pastime way, we would like to ask you to intelligently plan your leisure and training activities. Now is not the time for travel, for group trips, for breaking new records, and not for learning new tricks.

Think about your safety and wait patiently for the best time, it will come!


Format bikes team