Velogearance Cup final battle

7 August 2015

The final stage of the All-Russia series races Velogearance Cup was held with the support of FORMAT on the slopes of Borowskiy mound in Chulkovo on the 26th of  July.



There was really hot, thanks to finally sunny weather, friendly atmosphere of the race made the day unforgettable. The track, which was prepared by the organizers for the Cup final, proved to be extremely difficult and exhausting. Racers understood it from the first minutes after the start, because the main feature of the track is a protracted rise at the beginning, which immediately "cut out" many athletes.


The rest of the track was no less complicated and interesting. But despite all the difficulties more than a hundred participants ventured to win in Velogearance Cup final in particularly hot day. Guests from Komi, Kirov, Ivanovo, Khanty-Mansiysk, Taganrog and other parts of the country waged a fierce fighting for the top places.


The first race was won by Viktor Trokhin predictable in the category "veterans". Already in the first round he charged into the lead and came first to the finish. For the second place there struggled representatives of the Moscow and Kaluga Regions. As a result, silver went to Alexander Malygin from Obninsk (Kaluga Region), and the third place went to Andrei Anisimov from Zhukovskiy (Moscow Region).


Seda Grenavtseva with a radiant smile on her face came up to the top of the podium in the women's category, and after her followed an experienced athlete Victoria Oleneva. The third place was taken by Julia Bondarev.


In the second race everybody was watching "Clash of the Titans" - Ivan Seledkov and Artyom Orlov. Ivan couldn’t hold the lead despite the rapid first round. As a result, the winner of the race became Artyom Orlov, for whom this is the third victory in succession! All participants and spectators of the competition were impressed by Artyom’s skill and talent, which helped him to overcome the incredibly complex areas.


The first place in the category "experts" was taken by related sport representative - World champion and European champion in cycling orienteering, Honored Master of Sports Valery Glukhov from Lytkarino (near Moscow).

The long-awaited awarding of the Cup leaders was held at the end of all stages in the Velogearance Cup final on 26th July. The winner in each category was awarded with carbon frame FORMAT 1920. Lucky men of the season 2015 became: Valeriy Glukhov (category "experts"), Artyom Orlov (category "masters"), Victor Trokhin (category "veterans"), Dmitry Babonin (category "veterans 50+"), Seda Grenavtseva (category "ladies"), Vitaliy Goncharov (category "juniors").