Help brothers in arms

23 July 2015

Russia has held a bicycle ultramarathon "Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme" since July 15. The route is from Moscow to Vladivostok, the total length is more than nine thousand kilometers. The organizer of this project is Paul Brook. This huge distance has been overcome by professional athletes under his leadership in 2013 and 2014. The marathon has become a full-fledged race this year. There are ten participants, four riders in single standing and three teams in double standing. Total length of fifteen stages is from 330 to 1382 km.

Paul and his team are doing a serious and promising project. They invited athletes from Austria, Great Britain, Russia, Italy, Belgium and Germany. They found large sponsors and awoke interest in them, gathered a professional support team - drivers, operators, physicians. And we are particularly pleased to note the group entered the bicycle mechanic Sergey Dautov, CEO Dautov Bros, Format dealer in Yekaterinburg. It turns out that a few months before the marathon Paul personally visited Yekaterinburg, went to famous shop on Chelyuskintsev str. and made an offer Sergei could not refuse.

When the riders were in the middle of the second stage, which started in Kostroma, it became clear that the existing stock of cameras might not be enough. Symbolically, the marathon route passes through Perm, the city of the largest bicycle manufacturer in Russia. We decided to show solidarity in the struggle with our roads, and provided to mechanics box with tires. Rain, insects, trucks, punctures, spare wheels ... let one care will less!



July 17. The Format gifts were handed to Paul at the finish of the second stage.



Before the arrival of the Italian team pilotless aircraft flew on the track to report.

It is worth noting the excellent work of operators – air views are impressive. Photos and videos of the race can be seen on



After a few minutes there was Paola Dzhianotti at the finish.


And her support car


Paola Dzhianotti and Paolo Aste greet each other after the first in marathon thousend-stage Kostroma-Perm!


On Saturday, July 18, in Perm there was given the ceremonial start of the third stage. The cyclists gathered at the Cathedral square.


There was a presentation of the marathon participants.


Parting words were uttered by the Perm Regional Cycling Federation.

By the way, Paul Brook said at parting that the next meeting will be held on July 15, 2016!

Have a good journey to Vladivostok! Keep up with online trekking and await in the next year.