Stones, hards and pleasure in Vyborg

21 July 2015

A traditional cross-country race Vyborg XC took place in Vyborg on 12th of July.


Athletes had to overcome a very difficult race that is laid on the mountain Papula. The main track difficulty was plenty of stone obstacles of natural origin. Nature took care of cross- country in Vyborg and presented to the local riders the track from placers of different-sized stones, rocky terraces and huge boulders.


That is why the trail Vyborg XC gained fame of very hard in the truest sense of the diversity of this word among the local cross-country amateurs. The organizers added man-made obstacles in the "lightest" areas.


The race start was given in the stadium Lokomotiv, a racing circle and athletes sped away in the heart of the forest. Almost from the start Nikita Sozonov took the lead. Eugene Nikolayev from the team "Mountain Tops", Kostya Shestov, Konstantin Nemetskiy and skilled veteran Gregory Lalin - the legend of the domestic mountain biking followed the leader.


Persistent struggle maintained during the race. Rocky country caused numerous punctures. As a result, Nikita Sozonov won among men, the silver medal became Eugene Nikolayev, Konstantin Shestov closed the top-three.


The race in Vyborg is a unique opportunity to improve your technical bike skills on hard tracks, without going far abroad. Each participant received invaluable experience of riding on stony singletracks and of course, lots of positive emotions.




Photos by Victor Pakhomov