XCO leaders were determined in Belarus

2 November 2015

Awarding the winners of the final rankings of Belarus in season 2015 took place on October 25 in Minsk.

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Throughout the season Belarusian athletes competed for the title of the best rider of the year. The final rating based on the results of all the stages of the Cup of Belarus 2015 in cross-country.

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This the best in their categories are:

Men, pros:

1. Yevgeny Novosad

2. Mikhail Besaga

3. Dmitry Chuchva

Men, nonpros:

1. Pavel Shirey

2. Pavel Filimonov

3. Oleg Morozov

Women, pros:

1. Veronica Moroz

2. Julia Tseloguz

3. Tatiana Skurat

Women, nonpros:

1. Anna Daryina

2. Marina Kuzeeva

3. Olga Naryshkina

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Yevgeny Novosad, the absolute leader of the rating, was the lucky winner of the main prize –the bicycle FORMAT 1212 Elite.

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Fortune decided the fate of the carbon frame FORMAT 1920. The drawing was held among the top ten male pros. An impartial young viewer decided the fate of the prize which went to Vadim Khrushchev  from Borisov, Minsk region.

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