The master pattern new BMX frame Format 3212.

25 January 2016

At the beginning of 2016 FORMAT presented me the master pattern of my frame and without a moment’s hesitation I immediately went to run it in. Some words about the frame.



First its geometry:

top tube length - 20.5

bottom bracket - 11.7

steering rake - 75.3

seat post rake - 71

stay length- 13.2

seat tube height -8


The distinctive features of the frame are fully welded hangers for the brake. How was it invented? Very often I faced the problem when the cable adapter or the lugs came off the top tube tearing the thread. It caused lots of inconvenience as it was impossible to fix the brake because of the slipped thread and I had to think again how to attach the adapter to the frame. For example, I drilled a hole in the seat tube and fastened the adapter through it. And it was decided to make the built-in adapter and welded mounting lugs, moreover the lugs were made without the thread for the adjusting cable bolt because I noticed that the brake can be adjusted without it using only the adjustments of the upper cable and the adapter. The idea has worked perfectly and to my mind it looks more aesthetic. Has  anyone seen something like this before? I have not. 


Then I decided to focus on durability so that to fix and forget it. The frame turned to be proof! That’s why it’s rather massive - 2.4 kg. During the test I felt accustomed to the frame as its geometry answered my desires and I immediately started stunting. Unlike the previous version of the frame, the new one is a little higher and shorter. 


The frame is mainly suitable for park and dirt.

The philosophy is simple - just add brakes and ride anywhere you like!!