Proof of superiority. Timofey Ivanov is the champion of Russia XCO 2016.

25 July 2016

From 21st to 24th of July Russian Mountain Bike Championship took place in Cheboksary. For four days residents and guests of Cheboksary, the capital of Chuvash Republic, had an opportunity to enjoy a courageous and extreme sport - Olympic cross country. Numerous fans staying along the most difficult areas of the specially prepared track cheered each athlete while 250 of the strongest riders of the country competed for the Champion of Russia 2016 title in four different categories.

Награды Чемпионата России ХСО 2016

Stanislav Antonov, Timur Haziahmetov and Vladislav Maksimov (FORMAT-Udmurtia) started in the Junior class (19 – 22-year-olds) on the second day of the racing. Our guys felt high competition on the route from the first minute and the race was harder than they had expected. The results of the athletes were on 9th, 13th and 19th lines of the Protocol. "The fight was very persistent and unpredictable. The competition was tough. The track had a high level of complexity: there were both high-speed sections and barriers. The pipe-tunnel can be noted as a rather unusual thing." - says Stanislav.


Станислав Антонов

On the final day of the competition the Russian mountain biking elite was ready to start out. Women were the first to rush into the battle. Anna Konovalova, the FORMAT-Udmurtia athlete, said that the mood was combative from the start, but a muscle spasm on a steep rise didn’t allow her to get on the pedestal. Anna took the fourth place. The leading position from the start of the race was kept by the two-time world champion Irina Kalentieva. Guzel Akhmadullina had to fight for the second place. The bronze medal was won by the representative of the Chuvash Republic team Olga Terentyeva.

"I had not enough forces to get the third place. I did not expect that the rise will produce such an effect on my legs. But I gave it 100%". – says Anna.

Анна Коновалова

In the men's "Elite" category competition 20 strongest riders of the country fought for the victory. In the fierce fight, the champion title was won by Timofey Ivanov, the representative of the FORMAT-Udmurtia team. Sintsov Anton, the silver medalist of the race, lost a few seconds to the champion. Seledkov Ivan closed the top three. FORMAT-Udmurtia athletes Evgeny Pechenin and Alexey Belokrylov came the 8th and 14the respectively.

Тимофей Иванов

One of the highlights of the race was a tough competition between Timofey and Anton on a steep incline during the second lap. Timofey’s tactics was not to allow the competitor to go ahead. 600 meters to the finish, FORMAT-Udmurtia sportsman put 101% effort to break away and take the Champion of Russia title. "Before the competition I was not worried and felt positive. However, I did not know what to expect from the race. I did my best not to let the opponent go far ahead. «To work, to endure and to keep up» sounded in my head. This victory means a lot for me: the return after a forced break due to the injury, and the victory over myself, and the proof that I did everything right" - says Timofey.

1 Тимофей.jpg

The coach of the FORMAT-Udmurtia team Vladimir Belokrylov says about Timofey’s victory: "His victory is a feat. Determination, perseverance, stubbornness and, of course, the experience did Timofey the champion. It is worth noting his tactical awareness and how unmistakably the coaching team worked. Timofey’s achievement is also that he managed not only to keep in shape after the injury, but to win in such a short time after the recovery".

Чемпион России ХСО 2016

For FORMAT Timofey’s victory was an important event. We are proud of our athletes and wish them further victories and sports achievements.

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