13 February 2020

Roman Gilimzyanov, the Format-BMX team pro-rider, had a busy year, who took 3 first places this year and became the 19th among the best riders in the world. Let's remember these moments.

"The season started very well, I won 3 competitions in a row in the summer first 2 weeks."


June 1 "Horizon extreme cup".

The Horizon extreme cup competition was held in Yekaterinburg. The participants were representatives from different Russia cities. The 1st place was taken by Roman, the 2nd place - Igor Shuklin (Chelyabinsk), the 3rd place - Alexander Anetskikh (Yekaterinburg).


June 8 X-Kuban games

The format BMX pro-rider took the 1st place.
Roman Gilimzyanov became the best in the ramp competition at the X-Kuban-Games.

15 - 16 June Streetosphere

Streetosphere (Krasnodar) is the first sports and street festival in the Russia South o. The Format-BMX team's pro-rider is the best in the next ramp contest, an excellent race, cool and stable tricks. In training, Roman fell unsuccessfully, but this did not stop him from showing that he is the best!

"Next, with a little luck, I decided that I would try to make my way to world events."


August 23-25. FISE Xperience Series 2019

On August 23-25, 2019, the FISE Xperience Series 2019 festival was held in the Le Havre city in France, which brought together participants from all over Europe. Among the disciplines were presented: BMX, Roller, Trottinette, Skateboard. The venue is one of the largest outdoor parks in France, located on the waterfront.

“Here I make a mistake in qualifying and, unfortunately, do not make it to the final. But I'm not particularly upset, since this is a common occurrence. The main goal was to get used to the parks that are in the Fise stages and understand how to prepare for this."


21-22 September Festival Bridges

Then Roman went to the Bridges extreme festival in Vladivostok. Bridges are held in the largest skate park in the Far East.

“I skated demonstration performances in Vladivostok and judged the competition at the festival for one thing. The event atmosphere is fighting, as is the skating level. Overall, very good, I was glad to visit this our country's corner”.

The next 2 important competitions are the Russian Championship and the international C1 category.


September 28 and 29. Russia championship and C1

On September 27-29, Krasnodar hosted the Russian BMX Freestyle Cycling Championship and Championship, as well as international C1 competitions, in which Roman Gilimzyanov takes the 3rd place.

“At the Russian Championship I made an annoying mistake in my attempt (which greatly affects the final score) and ended up taking the 10th place, I was very upset.Then I gathered my strength and thoughts, tuned in to international competitions and, without making a single mistake, got the 3rd place, which allowed me to get to the World Cup."


October 19. Simple session prequalification

On October 19, Roman Gilimzyanov passed the Simplesession 2020 prequalification. Simple Session is one of the largest and most popular competitions in Europe. About 200 riders take part in it annually. Initially, it was just a small competition for insiders in the Tartu south. According to Risto Kalmre, the Simple Session main organizer and mastermind, only five BMX riders took part in the first contest in the small park, and ten skaters - almost all Estonians who are passionate about these subcultures.


31 October-3 November Fise World Tour

At the BMX World Cup in China, Roman shows an excellent result - he reaches the semifinals and is ranked the 19th among the best riders from around the world. It was the second world-class competition in Roman's life.

“After receiving Olympic points in C1 competitions, participation in the BMX World Cup became available to me. There was not much time, and I tried to get myself in great shape as much as possible. As a result, upon arrival in China, I prepared well and thought out the line. Was set up to qualify. The format was as follows - 2 attempts, both excellent, which means that if you fell or put out your leg, then you did not qualify.

The first attempt went well, as it usually does. The second strength was already less and almost at the attempt very beginning I punctured the wheel and thought that everything was lost. But I was able to slightly strengthen it and roll it on the escapement wheel. Further waiting for the results ... And now I find out that I got to the semifinals. I was very happy about that!

In the semifinals, the format is different - 2 attempts The best one counts, which means that there is a right to one mistake. The first attempt skated steadily and it completely suited me, so, without hesitation, I decided to take a risk and strengthen the line. And everything worked out! I was able to get a little better points for its Result: the 19th place among the top riders in the world! I am very pleased with my result! Most likely it was the last competition this year, next I have a Simple Session in February and a lot of training days."


We wish Roman even more victories in 2020, including in the world BMX arena.