1 December 2020

Upon another difficult working day, after making a series of complex decisions, you have to make another important decision - to disappear from reality Format 1211 suddenly. Enjoy the training process while others are resting. Progress and develop with the new Format 12 series.

Frame and Design Features

In 2021, the bike was completely renewed. The main change is the new X6 aluminium frame. The main advantage of the alloy over classic 6061 aluminium is elasticity. Due to more magnesium added to the alloy, the frame is stronger at a consistently low weight. When creating the new frame, we were inspired by the aesthetics of road bikes, lightness and streamlining. 

The upper tube of the front triangle has a complex shape with different sections. The lower tube is circular. We used triple butting tubes in the front triangle. As a result, we have a synergy of lightness, strength and manufacturability. 

Chain stays of rectangular section are designed for better transfer of force. Such stays have increased torsion rigidity, so we get high efficiency finally. The tubes have a variable wall thickness for lighter weight without loss of strength. 

The new frame has got hidden cable routing, while the bike appearance has become more harmonious. New CNC dropouts, lightweight and durable. The rear brake mount has been moved to the chain stay so less mud gets into the rear brake, which increases the life of the calliper. 

Frame Geometry 

The geometry has also been renewed. STR, which determines the bike class of fit, is 1.472 versus 1.592 on the previous frame, which means that the bike now has more sporting charisma from the 11 series. The base of the bike has increased, the bike is more stable at high speed. The steering angle became 68.5; it became more comfortable to attack descents. 



The bike is equipped with the new Rock Shox Recon Silver RL air fork. An available air spring with the ability to change the pressure allows adjusting the operation of the fork for any weight. The working travel of the fork is 100 mm. The fork is equipped with preload adjustment, locking function, and rebound velocity adjustment.


The bike is equipped with a 12-speed Sram SX Eagle sports drivetrain. One 34-tooth sprocket with NW technology is installed at the front. Such a sprocket securely fixes the chain and prevents it from falling off. A cassette has a range of sprockets from 11 to 50 teeth, which means you will definitely find your gear and pace.


Wheels are assembled on Novatec bushings with commercial bearings. Reinforced rims Weinmann U28 TL are ready to be used tubeless. Mitas Scylla TEXTRA Kevlar tires are 2.25 inches wide for good roll and traction.

Format 1211 – your new level of training. All you need is to get on your bike and get out into the forest or mountains. Find the optimal gear, catch your rhythm and work pedals. The rest is no longer important.